Pet Vaccines: When Helpful Becomes Harmful

Over-vaccinating and the overdosing of pet vaccines has become a global issue. 5 lbs dogs are receiving the same dose of the rabies vaccine as 150 lbs Great Danes, and vets are now witnessing terrible side effects. Profit-hungry drug companies and vets are ‘frightening’ dog owners into inoculating their pets more often than necessary, according to U.K. based pet charity, Canine Health Concern. Some puppies have developed conditions including autism and epilepsy after a raft of injections, it warns. Catherine O’Driscoll, from the charity, said: “We are not anti-vaccination. What we are saying is that currently our pets are receiving far too many [vaccines]. The latest scientific research shows that after the first course of pet vaccine injections as a puppy most dogs are immune against these diseases for at least seven years, if not for life.” Canine Health Concern maintains that some puppies and dogs have suffered dramatic changes in behavior or been diagnosed with cancer within months of receiving vaccine injections. In a letter backed by 17 vets and other pet experts, the charity has called on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, which monitors animal vaccines, to issue new advice on their use.

When a doctor or a veterinarian choose their profession, it’s because of a passion they have to help those (animals and humans alike) in need. They vow to always have the best interests of their patients in mind. The very oath they swear by “first do no harm”, is a guiding principle for physicians that, whatever the intervention or procedure, the patient’s well-being is the primary consideration. We now, unfortunately, live in a day and age where these same people who swore to protect us are the very same people who have to fight against law makers to protect our best interests ahead of the interests of corporate greed. We must ask ourselves if pet vaccines are helping our beloved best friends or actually hurting them.

The truth is, we are faced with a corrupt system that idolizes and serves money rather than the best interests of humanity as a whole. Those in the medical profession are not being heard. Their voices are being silenced by threats of physical violence and even death. If the people we entrust to create awareness and change now live in fear, who will be left to restore balance? Who will be left to alter our collective perspective of where our priorities lie and what is in the best interest of humanity? They need our help to collaborate in unity in order to command an appropriate amount of awareness and influence. If you’re sick of the profit-driven lies that are devastating a generation, join us for the world premiere of The Truth About Vaccines: Wednesday, April 12th @ 9pm EST.
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Gandhi once said that the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. When it comes to animals who truly have no voice of their own, it is imperative that we reject the doings of our own flawed human system. We must ask ourselves, are pet vaccines another outlet for big pharma to make money?  It is imperative that we are able to differentiate between the term “legal” and what is inherently wrong in this ever changing man made system.  Our future generations are born into a world where, what they see around them, is what they will perceive to be “normal”. They must know where to draw the line between what is right and wrong, ethical and unethical, just and unjust.  It’s up to every single one of us to keep our children rooted and not lose track of where our highest priorities lie.  We are collectively creating a future for every living breathing creature who walks this earth.

The veterinarian in this video is a hero to all animals that do not have the ability to speak for themselves or a choice on what we, as humans, inflict upon them. We are thankful to him for standing up and leading the way in the discussion of pet vaccines. Humanity is an ever growing work in progress, and we are all a part of that progress. We all have the responsibility and ability to influence the future. Let us not remain divided and conquered, let us come together and create a world we all would like to live in.


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